1854 Media

Recent Work

In February 2013, the British Journal of Photography, and its editorial, sales and technical staff, left Incisive Media as a management buyout to form a new company: Apptitude Media Ltd. Over the following three years, Apptitude would develop the BJP into a beautiful, luxuriously redesigned magazine, while building a wider audience via an award-winning app and relaunched website – and simultaneously launching a successful business providing apps, in-app content, app-related consultancy and app backend technology for other companies.

The result was a growing company, but one with two divisions – one focused on photography, and the other on apps and app publishing technology. In July 2016, we decided that it would be beneficial for the two to separate, and split off the technology team into a separate business – MN Digital Media. This freed us to offer our services to other publishers and pursue new technology projects separate to the BJP’s audience, while Apptitude could pursue its photography-related business with renewed focus.

We’re now pleased to pass on the news that our former colleagues at Apptitude have now completed a rebrand, and are now known as 1854 Media – 1854 being the year the British Journal of Photography was first published. And we’re equally happy to announce that MN Digital has assisted with the launch of the company’s new website.

The new site runs on WordPress, using a child-themed version of ElmaStudio’s excellent Zeitreise theme, heavily customised to adapt it for (largely) one-page use, to meet the new company’s branding requirements:

Changes made – besides the usual typographic alterations – include additional widgets and extra widget slots on an adapted front page template, allowing 1854’s staff to easily edit its content, as well as changes to the core page templates to remove the more blog-like elements in favour of strong headlines and prominent custom excerpts throughout.

The site is live now at http://1854.media