Adding a live news feed to a Mag+ app


We’re occasionally asked if it’s possible to incorporate a live news element into an app built using Mag+ Designd, so here’s an example of how it can be done, and how the result looks.

In the Build Options┬ásection of Mag+ Publish, we’ve ticked the option “Enable Live menu option”. This adds a new item, labeled “Live”, to the main menu. In Customizations, we’ve changed this text to say “News Feed” instead.

Finally, in Live Settings, we’ve set the URL that we want to display. In this case, we’ve pointed it at a simple page that lists news stories from the BBC World News RSS feed. We’ve applied hardly any styling and formatting here, but as this is an HTML page it could be customised however you wish.

The result: an item called “News Feed” appears in our app’s main menu, displaying all the latest stories for the reader to browse. Check out the video below to see how it looks (hit fullscreen for a better view).