Animal Crackers for the iPad and iPhone

Recent Work

This month we’ve been proud to help out with an app for a great cause. Animal Crackers is a new magazine, produced by Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice in north London, and we created an app version that’s out now for iPad and iPhone.

Having an app version allows the charity to include videos to accompany all the key stories in the magazine – ideal for children who can’t read the printed version, but who can enjoy watching and listening instead. It also allows for extra features such as an interactive version of the “Spot the Difference” game page.

Our work involved creating a new, interactive version of the content, designed for both tablet and phone screens, based on the original print InDesign layouts. Once those were complete we configured and built the app itself, before delivering it to the App Store. For the backend we used Mag+ Designd, creating content to support all iPad devices as well as iPhones from the iPhone 5/SE and up. In order to keep the app’s download size as light as possible, all video content is streamed in from the web on demand.

We think the app’s bold, colourful layouts and video content will be great for kids, and we hope that it will prove a great way for the hospice to spread the news about its great work supporting children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions in London.

The app is, of course, free – if you’d like to donate to the hospice, you can do so here.